Welcome to Velocity Lee’s Summit.  We appreciate your curiosity in what we do and who we are.  In short, Velocity Lee’s Summit seeks to empower the entrepreneur and rapidly growing small business owner.  We are a nonprofit corporation passionate about start-up business advocacy. We sponsor frequent events for fast-growing businesses, presenting entrepreneurial-themed content with mentoring, networking, and business expansion opportunities. Our role is to champion these people through not only providing relevant events and impactful networking opportunities, but also through leadership services and administrative support.  Additionally, we seek to connect our community stakeholders in an intentional and collaborative way.  By helping to identify the entrepreneur’s needs, then locating resources to assist, Velocity aligns connections to take place.  Well intentioned groups such as our City government, educational institutions, established business community, and start up and high momentum businesses all serve in these essential roles to enhance our entrepreneurial eco-system.  The eco-system…I’m often asked what that means.  As a network of interacting parts, our relative strengths become complementary to one another when forged together while fostering a habitat of innovation.  If our City’s path forward includes being known regionally as an innovation minded business collective, which will require collaborative efforts of all the many interconnected community stakeholders, we must first enable an environment that marshals each individual and group’s contributing ability to the momentum.  Ultimately, the more Velocity facilitates provision of a fertile environment for the entrepreneur to flourish, the more we will attract jobs to Lee’s Summit and retain our home grown talent for the long term.

Our work is about growth and our passion is rooted in seeing it flourish.  When a career corporate employee has a start-up idea, but needs an innovative minded mentor to provide advice on her business formulation, Velocity is here to connect them.  When the AV major graduate student or her professor requires a real life application of the curriculum and a local business owner has a digital marketing project within his company, Velocity is here to link the two and bridge the gap.  Think of us as a hub around which entrepreneurial activity rotates; a collaborative community partner.  Through any initiative that effectively reduces communication barriers, Velocity Lee’s Summit is all about cultivating healthy partnerships.

Check out our upcoming calendar and content here on the website or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  I invite you to come to one of our events.  I suspect you’ll be as amazed as I am with the collective group of talent at these events.   The speakers are bona fide experts and provide essential information for a start-up business owner.  Yet, I’m equally impressed with the energy in a room of soon-to-be and already successful entrepreneurs, the spirit of growth and productivity, and the unique perspective shared on how to face the challenges of a rapidly growing successful enterprise.  Our goal is to connect this peer group to you and allow natural synergies to take place in a collaborative setting.

We want to hear from you.  Let us know your needs, provide some feedback and poke around.  Offer your area of expertise, but don’t be surprised when you receive something of great benefit in return.  We’re a network with one overt motive:  to support the Lee’s Summit entrepreneurial community.  Keep up the momentum and remember that we are here to assist and keep you moving at the speed of business.