Do you have the next big innovative product, service, or app? Just need help further developing your concept or perhaps hiring the right key staff? Through the Missouri Technology Corporation (MTC), you can apply for funds to help launch and grow your new company. MTC is currently accepting applications for all commercialization programs under the Missouri IDEA (Innovation, Development, and Entrepreneurship Advancement) Funds.
The IDEA Funds is a co-investment program that promotes the formation and growth of businesses that engage in the transfer of science and technology into job creation. The funds provide financing to eligible businesses through four components that correspond to the four stages of growth for investment-grade, high-growth enterprises.
Applications are being accepted for the following IDEA Funds programs:
For more information about these programs, please click on the links above, or
The application deadline for IDEA Funds isNovember 15, 2017.
For questions, please contact Dan Kaemmerer at (573) 522-0200