An attorney and a marketing professional walk into a room…

No, it’s not the opening line of a great joke. It’s the story of Tim Denker and Kevin Oldham, two entrepreneurial forces that joined to expand their business models and their comfort zones in the last two years.

They took a risk, and that’s what this is all about.

Oldham, owner of Diffactory, and Denker, founder of Denker Law Firm, LLC, collaborated in 2018 to jump out of their routines and into the smoothie and supplement business.

“I met the founder (of The Smoothie Shop and Supplements) in 2017, and while assisting them with a transaction, was presented with the opportunity to help the business expand by franchising as a minority owner,” said Denker, a business and estate planning attorney who started his firm in 2006 and in 2014 introduced, a service to assist businesses form and run their own LLCs. Denker is Secretary of the Board for Velocity Lee’s Summit.

The Smoothie Shop and Supplements opened its first location in Lee’s Summit in 2010. By 2017, four locations across the KC Metro were operating. After a deep dive into the business, the owners felt there was a lapse in marketing and technology. Which is where Oldham stepped in. With his vast experience in digital marketing and franchising, he was a natural fit to join forces with Denker, joining the team in 2018 as a minority owner.

“After handling a major revamping of many of their business processes, we decided now was our opportunity to take the leap,” said Oldham, owner of digital marketing consultancy group Diffactory and co-founder of United Real Estate, a national real estate brokerage franchisor.

Today, they fully own the franchise and oversee seven (soon to be eight) locations throughout Kansas City, including two in Lee’s Summit.

Risk Takers is a monthly feature of entrepreneurs and startups who are taking that risk to and building a better business future for us all.

For more information about The Smoothie Shop, visit: The Smoothie Shop